Commercial kitchen Equipment Required For Every Kitchen

It is easy to open a restaurant but difficult to choose the right kitchen equipment. Moreover, your profit depends on commercial kitchen equipment, and if you are not using the right equipment for your kitchen it is difficult for you to run your restaurants for a longer period. Most of the new restaurants, cafes, bakeries, do not have any idea of the proper commercial kitchen equipment. They either go for a few equipments or purchase low-quality equipment.

In this article I am going to tell you everything about the commercial kitchen equipment like- different types of commercial kitchen equipment, equipment necessary to use in your kitchen, how to identify the best quality equipment, where to purchase the best quality commercial kitchen equipment in low prices, about food prep equipment, about customized commercial kitchen equipment, about cooking equipment, about restaurant customized equipment, about food storage equipment, about small ware, about refrigeration equipment, about janitorial equipment.

This article is going to be very important for Restaurant owners, bakery owners, cafe owners as well as everyone interested about commercial kitchen equipment.

All those equipments which are used in the restaurants, bakeries, cafes for the specific purposes are generally called commercial kitchen equipment.

Different types of commercial kitchen equipments are-
  1. Food Preparation Equipment
  2. Restaurant Customized Equipment
  3. Cooking Equipment
  4. Food storage equipment
  5. Janitorial equipment
  6. Refrigeration Equipment
  7. Small-Ware

1) Food Preparation Equipment

All those equipment generally required for the preparation of food items in the restaurant, bakeries, cafes kitchen are called food preparation equipment. It is the main part of the commercial kitchen equipment. The number of food prep equipment varies in the different commercial kitchens according to the need, but I am going to talk about the minimum equipment necessary for a commercial kitchen for the preparation of food.

1. Food Mixers– are some of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment you can invest in! With numerous innovative features and attachments from belt drive systems to bowl guards, our restaurant mixers will be a vital asset for any commercial kitchen.

2. Electric Baking ovens-is the centerpiece of your kitchen. Able to cook, roast, broil, bake and, in some cases, steam, it’s an essential component for your business. So, when it comes to choosing an oven for your commercial kitchen, there’s a lot to take into consideration. If you’re trying to decide on the right commercial oven for your establishment, our guide will help walk you through the many options, features and more. 

3. Gas Ovens- Cost-to-own this oven is less over a prolonged period of time. It heats up quickly, so there’s no wait time to start cooking. It is Ideal for high-output cooking.

4. Baking Machinery- Basic baking machinery are bread slicer, dough divider and rounder, dough sheeter,  electric proofing chambers. It is one of very essential commercial kitchen equipment required in every commercial kitchens.

5. Waffle & Cone Maker– It is necessary for all restaurants as ice creams are an essential component of our meal. It is built-in cold storage for convenient storage while not in use. It has also color setting and temperature recovery features. 

 6. Grillers- It is a grated machine for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, etc, over a fire. It is easy to set up a griller machine at your restaurant, bakery, and cafe. The demand for food prepared using griller machine is increasing nowadays because of it increase the taste and flavor of the food.

7. Dispensers-

8. Soup Maker-This machine helps you to make all varieties of soup at the touch of a button. It will automatically heat, boils, blend, and mixes automatically to give you perfect, tasty, and healthy soup, you are just required to add your ingredients to it. It is the need of the hour in every restaurant.

9. Food Warmer- It easily warm your food items like-samosa, patties, kulche in a minute. It has hot case for restaurants, kitchens, bakeries, and offices. It has many racks to keep your food items.

10. Milk Boiler- Now it become easy to boil the milk without the fear of spilling on gas, induction, or hot plate, the boiler design restricts the overflow of milk. It preserves the valuable nutrients present in the milk and restores the original flavor. It comes with an antirust stainless steel interior, which ensures perfect hygiene. 

11. Brain Merry- The brain Marie food warmer Is Ideal For restaurants, cafeterias, fast food Shops, takeaways, Canteen, supermarkets. This Brain Marie is designed to appeal to a variety of catering needs, with a wide choice of food capacity and food compartment division.

14. Salamanders & Toaster – It is the perfect choice to Bake your favorite Cake, Grill Chicken, or Toast Garlic Bread. It is ideal for an 8-members family and has all the amazing features wanted in your OTG. It comes with Rotisserie and Convection function to keep your family excited about “What’s Today” on the menu. With its easy-to-use knobs for customized cooking, you can set the temperature, time, and control heating according to specific recipes. Other features like 1500W power, stainless steel body, keep warm function, and timer with auto shut off function will make you forget your regular oven.

15. Griddles- It is extra thick die-cast body for long life. It is triple-layered with Swiss technology, scratch-proof non-stick coating, which ensures fully nontoxic coatings. You can enjoy food absolutely worry-free. It has Silicone handles, always stays cool to touch.

16. Popcorns & Candy Machines-This is perfect when you want to cook something without using a preset. The popping chamber is made of food-grade aluminum alloy and the surface is made of BPA-free and durable thermal conduct ABS with scratch and bumps resistance. 

2. Restaurant Customized Equipment

1. Cooking Range-
2. Table &  Sinks-
3. Tandoors-
4. Racks & Trolley-
5. Exhaust Hoods-
6. Food Counters-
7. Food Processing Machines-

3. Refrigeration Equipment

1. Chest Freezer-
2. Visicoolers-
3. Visifreezers-
4. Showcase Display-
5. Ice Making Machine-
6. Island  Freezers-
7. Water Coolers-
8. Back Barchiller-
9. Stainless Steel Professional Refrigeration-
10. Supermarket Showcase Display-
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