Best Commercial Deep fryers

Model name- SGF-71

Best fryers for commercial use make oil temperature reach up to 200 degrees.

PROS–  It can fry big size chicken or turkey very easily, easy to set up and hold up to 8 litre oil. Suitable for restaurant, cafes and bakeries.

CONS– No inbuilt thermostat, tough to clean

Mode of Operation- Gas

2.) Model name- SGF-72
PROS– Best Valued Product. Easy to set up at your kitchen or even in food vans.
Double tank is available which help you to cook fast. It is very easy to operate and work on it. It heat up oil quickly and make consistency. Its tip is insulated which prevent burning.
CONS– Not for home use as it requires a lot more temperature.

Mode of Operation- Gas

Model name- EF-06

PROS– Very quick heating mechanism, easy to clean and handle this fryer, its handle is made of plastic to prevent from burns. Best product for home use.

CONS– Lighter weight body

Mode of Operation- Electric


4.) Model name- TEL 6+6

PROS-Great fryer for home use or small commercial kitchen, easy to operate clean and set up, it holds good capacity, two trays and baskets available.

CONS–  This fryer has light weight body

Mode of Operation- Electric

Are you still confused?

I think you are thinking about these questions.

should you go with electric deep fryer or gas deep fryer?

should you buy single tank or double tank?

should you buy counter top fryer or floor fryer?

What should be the capacity of your fryer?

what amount of money do you really need to pay for this?

I am going to answer all these questions in this article, after reading this, i can promise that you will be ready to buy a deep fryer without any confusion.

Electric deep Fryer vs  Gas deep Fryer

In terms of mode of operation there are two types of commercial fryer 1)electric and 2)gas . Both are very useful in their own places, let’s see their uses and features.


  • Very high heating capacity, it heats oil up to 400-500 degrees.
  • Propane or natural gas is used in this fryer.
  •  Its installation might going to be costly for you.
  • In terms of portability, it is less portable as compared to electric fryer.
  • Low heating capacity as compared to gas deep fryer.
  • Only you need to plug in to use it.
  • Its installation is easy, there is no need of technical assistance during installation.
  • Highly portable.
  • No any gas leak issues, as  sometime occur in gas fryer. 
Floor deep Fryer vs Table top deep Fryer

Now, it is the time to know about two different type of deep fryers on the basis of positioning. Its totally depend on you where you wanted to kept your fryer, which position do you think comfortable to kept it.


  • Highly durable
  • Take more floor space in your kitchen than countertop fryer 
  • Recommended for people who wanted to fry a steady stream of food.
  • Easy to handle


  • Take less space in your kitchen, more space on the counter
  • Recommended for people who have minimal frying needs
  • Less durable as compared to floor fryers
  • Light-weighted in comparison of floor deep fryers
  • Handle it carefully
Single Tank  Fryers vs Double Tank Fryers
Fryers are classified into single tank and double tank on the basis of no. of baskets and trays present in them and their capacity and size also vary as the name suggest. It totally depends on your need and comfortability.



  • Single tray and basket
  • It captures less space in your kitchen 
  • Easy to handle such fryers
  • Recommended for cafes, bakeries and home
  •  Less oil capacity in as compared to double tank, but highly demanded.


  • Double tray and basket present
  • It capture more space in your kitchen
  • Easy to handle if your kitchen has enough space
  • Recommended for restaurants
  • very high oil capacity as well as heating capacity in double tank gas fryers
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